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Dana Morgan Barnes offers workshops, keynotes and coaching. She can aid you in reading your personal & professsional goals and your presentation/speaking goals through goal setting, practice and practical application of proven methods.

Speaking Topics Offered by Coach Dana

You Have the Power….to Change Your Life: Every day we have opportunities to be kind. It could be by giving great customer service, asking that one additional question to help find a real solution or as simple as a smile and a thank you.  Find your own power through giving away kindness to those around you. It will change your life and maybe even the world. 

Attitude of Gratitude……..Changing Your Perspective:   What are you thankful for?  We get so busy with our work, families and lives that we take them for granted.  We forget to be thankful.  By changing your perspective towards what you have, instead of what you don’t have, you become keenly aware of the smallest gifts all around you.  

Communication….Making It Better in Every Situation:  In this workshop, you will learn your communication style and how to determine the style of the people you interact with every day.  Understanding these styles will give you the opportunity to move through situations calmly and without less conflict at work, home or social events.

Getting Healthy…..It’s Not About the Dress Size:  How can becoming healthier change your life or the lives of your employees?  Learn how being healthy, well and able will increase productivity, decrease stress and help improve overall wellbeing. 

Moving from Prejudice to Love:  Turn your view of life around by looking through the window of love and understanding and shutting the door on hate and prejudice.

Don’t Be Eve:  Why are we, as women, looking for more?  As if what God gave us isn’t enough.  How do we see us the way God sees us and not settle but thrive in His plan for us?  Let’s talk about what God has in store for you, using humor, real life experiences and biblical truths.

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